Yoron Fun

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An online magazine YORON FUN/FAN was launched in 2020 by the YORON FUN/FAN
executive committee as a part of its PR activities.
Each article has been wrriten by many different local writers, photographers,
diverse organizations and like.
The magazine introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of
Yoron Island from a variety of angles through interviews and photography.
We hope YORON FUN/FAN can provide a wide range of opportunities for readers to encounter
Yoron’s fun things and attract more Yoron fans!

Located at the southern end of
Kagoshima prefecture and
north from Okinawa Island.
Blue beaches and blue skies–
welcome to “Yoron Blue”.
Water so clear you see right through it,
while the ocean and sky blend together
to create a blissful experience.
Experience the island culture,
food and people in your next
unforgettable adventure.

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